美 [mæn]英 [mæn]
  • n.成年男子;男人;人类;(特定历史时期的)人
  • v.在…岗位上工作;操纵(机器等);配备(人员)
  • int.(表示惊奇、气愤等)嘿
  • 网络城域网(Metropolitan Area Network);男士

复数:men 第三人称单数:mans 现在分词:manning 过去式:manned



男人male person

1.[c]成年男子;男人an adult male human


2.[u]人类;(特定历史时期的)人humans as a group or from a particular period of history

3.[c](不论性别的)人a person, either male or female

某类人particular type of man

4.[c](来自某地、从事某种工作或有某种兴趣等的)人a man who comes from the place mentioned or whose job or interest is connected with the thing mentioned

5.[c](喜欢或做某事的)人a man who likes or who does the thing mentioned

6.[c](来自某处、支持某组织或为其工作的)人a man who works for or supports a particular organization, comes from a particular town, etc.


7.[c][usupl]士兵;(男性)工人a soldier or a male worker who obeys the instructions of a person of higher rank

8.[c]上门服务的人a man who comes to your house to do a job

称呼form of address

9.[sing](informal)伙计;哥儿们used for addressing a male person

10.[sing](不耐烦或生气时对男人的称呼)你这家伙used for addressing a male person in an angry or impatient way


11.[c]丈夫;性伴侣a husband or sexual partner

强壮的╱勇敢的人strong/brave person

12.[c]勇敢强壮的人;男子汉a person who is strong and brave or has other qualities that some people think are particularly male


13.[sing]男仆a male servant


as one man

同心协力;协调一致with everyone doing or thinking the same thing at the same time; in agreement

be sbs man

最合适的人;最佳人选to be the best or most suitable person to do a particular job, etc.

be man enough (to do sth/for sth)

有足够的勇气或意志to be strong or brave enough

every man for himself

人各为己;自己顾自己people must take care of themselves and not give or expect any help

make a man (out) of sb

使成为男子汉;使长大成人to make a young man develop and become more adult

a/the man about town

喜欢社交者;社交界名人a man who frequently goes to fashionable parties, clubs, theatres, etc.

man and boy

从小到大;一辈子from when sb was young to when they were old or older

the man (and/or woman) in the street

平民;老百姓an average or ordinary person, either male or female

a man of God/the cloth

神职人员;(尤指)牧师,司铎a religious man, especially a priest or a clergyman

the man of the match

(某场比赛的)最佳运动员the member of a team who plays the best in a particular game

a man of the people

体恤民情者;体察民意者a man who understands and is sympathetic to ordinary people

mans best friend

人类的好朋友(指狗)a way of describing a dog

a mans home is his castle

人之住宅即其城堡;人在家中,自成一统a person's home is a place where they can be private and safe and do as they like

a mans man

更受男人欢迎的男人a man who is more popular with men than with women

be your own man/woman

独立自主to act or think independently, not following others or being ordered

man to man

(男人间)诚实相待,坦率between two men who are treating each other honestly and equally

one mans meat is another mans poison

兴趣爱好因人而异;一人手中宝,他人脚下草used to say that different people like different things; what one person likes very much, another person does not like at all

separate/sort out the men from the boys

表明╱证明谁有技能(或更勇敢等)to show or prove who is brave, skilful, etc. and who is not

to a man|to the last man

一致;毫无例外used to emphasize that sth is true of all the people being described

you cant keep a good man down

有志者事竟成;决心大的人终有出头之日a person who is determined or wants sth very much will succeed


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